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"I can't recommend Patti highly enough for her dog walking and boarding service.  My dog Casper has been enjoying Patti's company for some time now, and since first meeting Patti and seeing her genuine warmth with animals, and positive nature, I have not looked back.  Casper returns from his walks happy and his health better than before. More recently, Casper boarded with Patti for two weeks. She always kept me informed via email, sent through video and pictures, and I returned home to a very content and healthy dog.
Patti stands out from the other mainstream dog walking services in that she is a one person show who genuinely loves what she does and the company she is keeping.  You can have faith that she only is the one entering your home and providing one on one, excellent care of your loved pet.  She is positive, vibrant, flexible, and I hope that we will be using her services for a long time to come."

-Casper's owner

"We feel incredibly lucky to have Patti in our lives! She has been walking our dog Jimmy and caring for him at her home while we travel for years. I wouldn’t feel comfortable boarding him with anyone else, because I know my dog wouldn’t be comfortable anywhere else. She is his second home. Patti also looks after our cat when we are away and we come back to a cat who is relaxed and happy and not mad at us for being gone like she has been in the past with other arrangements. Patti is consistent, professional, and incredibly kind. I recommend her so highly."

- Jimmy and Vixon's owner

"Patti has been Booster’s dog walker, sitter and pal for almost 6 yrs.   She has helped us on many occasions with boarding (short notice too).  We know that Booster will get the love and attention that he gets at home, and entrust him fully to her care ( despite all of his quirks- ha!).  In Patti, what you see is what you get: patient, positive and very dependable.   She has been our savior on many occasions, and just knowing Booster is in her care, gives us an immense peace of mind.   I highly recommend Patti for her services." 

- Booster's owner

"Patti is AMAZING.  She's been walking Pepper every weekday for the last 1.5 years and we couldn't be happier!  In addition to being a joy to work with and incredibly responsive, Patti is fabulous with dogs.  Pepper always returns with a wagging tongue from having a ball and burning off energy.  And she loves to stay with Patti when I go out of town, which is a testament to how much fun she has.  I've had a lot of dog walkers over the years and Patti is, hands down, the best.  I even planned my last move so Pepper could continue to walk with her - Patti is that good!!"

- Pepper's owner

"I have know Patti for over 17 years.  She began taking care of my first dog when he was six months old.  He boarded with her whenever we traveled and then he died at 14.  It was a totally successful experience.  My new dog is now 16 months old, and has been staying with Patti frequently.  He obviously loves her care and attention and is thrilled every time she comes to pick him up.  I can recommend Patti Twain enthusiastically and without reservation."

- Jazz's owner

"My two little guys, Spud and Gus (brothers!) get so excited as they hear Patti's footsteps at the front door.  They invariably come home from their walk tired and happy.  They also love to "vacation" (boarding) at Patti's where Nellie, the family dog, gives them motherly attention.  I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend Patti.  Spud and Gus agree: arf arf!"

- Spud and Gus's owner

"Patti Twain has been dog-sitting for Theodore, our 4 year old Shih-Tzu for several years now. Whenever we go away and entrust him to Patti we are always confident that he is in good hands. She provides our little guy with the same loving environment that he gets at home. And we are also grateful that on many occasions, Theo has some little playmates to hang out with. We think Patti is terrific and we would recommend her services to anyone who seeks peace of mind in leaving their pet with a sitter."

- Theodore's owner

"We love Patti! It's been a few years now that she has been taking care of our cats when we go out of town and it's such a relief to know she's watching them. Not only are her rates the best I've seen, she is so responsible and reliable that we now leave a set of keys with her all the time in case of emergency. She is always willing to go the extra mile by taking in our mail and even watering our yard when needed. Most importantly, Patti is great with animals. She talks to them and plays with them, even emailing us pictures, videos and other updates while we are away. I can honestly say I'm not sure we would travel very often if we didn't know that Patti was taking care of things.Thank you Patti!"

- Amaya and Yuki's owner

"Maddie has been walking with Patti for several years now.  She eagerly awaits every outing, and when she returns she is as exuberant and spirited as if she were still a puppy.  It's hard to overstate just how wonderful Patti is as a dog walker and person.  She is trustworthy, caring, and responsible.  I can't imagine what Maddie's days would be like without her outings with Patti." 

- Maddie's owner

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